Featured Video: Doing The Most // Carry The Ghost

Directed by Hungrie Ones & WooStaar

To say that San Franciscans are divided on the post-World Series mayhem in the streets each time the Giants go all the order cialis cialis way would be an understatement. While what feels like half the city is high on victory (and some other substances), popping champagne bottles and http://www.brandon.cl/buy-levitra-online-from-canadacheap-levitra-tablets setting off firecrackers in the middle of intersections, there’s a darker side to the mayhem — as drunkenness gives way to violence and trash can fires give way to overturned Muni buses that will cost thousands of generic viagra for sale'>generic viagra for sale taxpayer dollars to levitra fast delivery repair, it gets harder to argue each year that it’s all in good fun.

The two sides to the celebration served as inspiration for rapper A-1, aka Adam Traore, a San Francisco native who thought the dual nature of the event perfectly captured some of the larger tensions in his city — and also made the mayhem a fitting backdrop for his latest tracks, a split-personality pair called “Doing the Most / Carry the http://www.dsoba.com/generic-levitra-mexico Ghost,” in which A-1 starts by rapping over party-ready steel drums that eventually give way to a more anxious beat and police sirens.

We’re stoked to premiere the new video, shot the night of Oct. 29 following the Giants’ win (using a drone with a stock 1080p camera on click now viagra blood thinner it), here on All Shook Down. Give it a watch, and read on below for Traore’s thoughts on the song and the mayhem.


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