The Thurl Tape




San Francisco, Ca September 4, 2012  -  Up and coming independent hip-hop artist, A-1, releases his brand new project entitled “The Thurl Tape”.  Thurl is slang for the word Thorough, which means “To be complete.”  For this project, A-1 has made the word into an acronym that stands for Think, Hustle, Understand and Really Live. The emerging artist believes these are the abilities a person should possess in order to be whole.

A-1 describes his music as a conversation; “The Book of Adam was like me introducing myself or making small talk at a party; ‘Hey I’m Adam.. nice to meet you, I’m an artist, I’m from San Francisco..’ that sort of thing.  The Thurl Tape is more like at the end of the night when the party’s over, everyone is really comfortable around each other and we’re having real discussions about things that matter.  This project isn’t as much about me as it is about the world and the folks around me. That’s how I want it to come across to people.”

“The Thurl Tape” is an eclectic mix of body moving and thought-provoking music featuring timeless production from fellow creatives Woostaar, ATG, Chance McCullough, Sick James, Flosstradamus, XXYYXX, Me Gusta, long-time troublemaker Davin Gruesome, and even A-1 himself. This project continues to show A-1’s evolution into musical prowess as he even shares an executive producer title with friend, producer, and designer Woostaar.  He eloquently breaks down life experiences over advanced production and proves with this project that music with a message can be beneficial and mind opening to people of all walks of life.