Photos: A-1 at Slim’s SF w/ Los Rakas

14 Jan 2013 | Categories: Live Shows, Photos | Posted by: WooStaar

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San Francisco was so crackin last night

Everyone showed so much love. We had it rockin and Los Rakas killed it with like an 8 piece band it was dope. Only drawback was the girl that came up to me after the show and said “I just had to let you know.. you’re the worst rapper I’ve ever heard, You’re a disgrace to rap music and you’re ugly as f***.” Thought she was joking but she was serious. Hahaha guess you can’t please everyone! Thanks to everyone else who was there though! THURL!


slims_onstage_sweater  slims_davin  slims_onstage_callout slims_onstage_2 408574_4874393572096_1100571041_n 734760_4874408492469_40266554_n
59938_4874408532470_1807188006_n slims_a-1_roach 68680_4874409292489_630848803_n